Murray FoundationThe Murray Foundation has kindly offered the possibility to provide up to 20 grants for support of students wishing to attend the Eurolag10 Conference and to present a poster or an oral presentation. Individual grants will cover the registration fee.

In order to choose the students for the attendance support the Eurolag10 committee has been created including Alice Newton (Portugal), Maurizio Pinna (Italy), Mariusz Sapota (Poland), Piotr Margoński (Poland).

Additionally there will be two grants provided by the Murray Foundation (up to 3000 euros in total) to students attending the Symposium, who the scientific committee feel have made a significant contribution to the understanding of lagoon processes. The object of these grants is to allow the students to attend a training course or participate in a research project in a laboratory other than their own. Where the grant does not cover the full costs it can be used as co-financing. The results of the course/project/stay should be presented during the next Eurolag conference.

The Eurolag10 created a committee for the selection of the best candidates including Alberto Basset (Italy), Angel Perez-Ruzafa (Spain), Georg Umgiesser (Italy), Rutger de Wit (France).

Students are asked to apply using the Murray Foundation forms that are attached below, indicating the type of fellowship requested. Students must justify their contribution to the Symposium and attach also a support letter from their professor. Filled and signed applications should be sent to the organizing committee of the Eurolag10 (eurolag10@mir.gdynia.pl).

The deadline for the applications is May 19, 2023.

MF Grant Application [link]

MF Grant Application Support Letter [link]