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About the EUROLAG10 Conference

Lagoons and estuaries are playing an important, buffering role between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Those complex, dynamic, and diverse waterbodies are usually being under the huge anthropogenic pressure due to their productivity and location at the coastline. Lagoons and estuaries are traditionally providing numerous goods and services.

EUROLAG is back to the Baltic Sea but we are inviting contribution from the entire Europe and beyond. We are especially interested in the assessment of the buffering role of lagoons and estuaries as well as new developments to the conservation objectives, management measures and their environmental status assessments including monitoring designs, indicators, and modelling tools for the integrated assessments. An impact of alien species on coastal ecosystems is profound in numerous coastal areas.

The Baltic Sea area is also an excellent case study for the discussion on finding the balance between economic importance versus environment preservation priorities. 


Organizing Institutions

University of Gdańsk National Marine Fisheries Research Institute